What does intersectionality look like in real life?

It is one thing for white or cisgender people to know the word intersectionality, created by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989 to invite people to urgently notice the unique issues that Black women face from being a part of two marginalized groups. It has been deeply developed since then to include many other marginalized identities while still lifting up all Black women. 

It is one thing to know the word.... 
it is entirely different to be living it as a BIPOC trans, gender expansive person. It is one thing to know the word.... it is entirely different to be living it as a BIPOC trans, gender expansive person. 

Intersectionality takes on new meaning....

...when you are more easily stopped by the cops for being Black, then harassed and questioned for looking “confusing” around gender, or having the “wrong” gender marker (M or F) on your driver’s license. 

...when your white cisgender boss is uncomfortable about feedback you give them about race and gender and fires you, putting your housing, family, healthcare, and economics at risk.

Intersectionality takes on new meaning....

....when your Black trans friend is suicidal, disappears, and the only option you’ve used before to get help is to call the cops. What resources are available?

....when the economic health of your POC family has been at risk for generations because of oppression. While gender is causing severe mental health issues for yourself, you instead have to focus on the health, jobs and wellbeing of your whole family, putting your own needs around gender aside.

Intersectionality takes on new meaning....

.....when you, your mother, and your grandmother all have the same cancer risks from generations of racial oppression, but you cannot find a doctor to address those without being misgendered, and you cannot find a surgeon who can help without causing severe gender dysphoria. 

...when you need an abortion, but the only trans-competent abortion clinic is known for decades to sterilize People of Color without their knowledge. 

Intersectionality takes on new meaning....

...when you’re trans and Brown, wanting a Brown, trans-affirming surgeon in a racist, transphobic world. The surgeons you find (after wading through insurance and cost barriers) are POC but transphobic, or trans-competent but racist. How can your body trust the knife of someone that cannot see and care for your whole self?

...when your parents have kicked you out of the home for your “choice” to be queer. After how many generations have fought for your freedom in this oppressive country, and then you CHOOSE oppression?

Intersectionality takes on new meaning....

...when you want to ask for help from your community, but you’re not sure if they’re able to hold and show up for the entirety of the experience….so instead you isolate yourself….leading to more depression, anxiety, and lack of community and economic access.

...when TSA is more likely to stop and search you at the airport for being Black, touching your body causing dysphoria, assigning you the wrong-gender TSA agent who then asks you about your packer while touching you.

Our Vision

DISRUPT the isolation with us…..Show up for our trans and gender expansive BIPOC community. 

We are creating an ongoing pool of support for our BIPOC TGE (trans and gender expansive) communities. We have folx in our communities with immediate needs and will have ongoing needs. All stories above are real stories with real needs. THANK YOU for stepping in and supporting! 
ALL money from TRANSFORM fund goes directly to BIPOC trans and gender expansive individuals with no requirements of how they use the funds. We deeply trust people to use funds how they most need.

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