Accessibility is a critical value of mine. My hope is to have a fully accessible website that is meeting as many people’s needs as possible.  

What is currently available:
  • Accessible pricing and scholarships if needed, especially for people with marginalized identities (low income, People of Color, LGBTQ people, disabled people). Please email me if this is a need you have. 
  • Transcriptions for all video and audio
  • Online, self-paced platforms that are trauma-balanced - while impossible to be perfect, trying to find the balance between resourcing folks and pushing folks to grow
  • Trying to adapt to a variety of learning styles:
  • Live online workshops with both large group and one-on-one conversations
  • Online self-paced workshops with videos, transcripts, self-reflective questions, and ungraded quizzes

What I’m still working on:
  • Image descriptions for every photo that are respectful of the people in the photos while not erasing any of their identities. 
  • Increasing site features on LearnWorlds platform itself to be more accessible

Please contact me if you have any access needs that are not being met on this website.
Please contact me to sponsor accessibility on this website. 
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